We manage estates in line with owners' objectives, advising and reporting on estate enterprise budgeting and financial management, employment and staff remuneration matters, property administration, insurances, building repairs and maintenance, health and safety, farm and sporting business, agri-environmental grant schemes and project management.


We advise and act for our clients in the negotiation of sales, leases and purchases of rural property; we carry out asset valuations of rural property for tax planning or reorganisation of family assets; using our knowledge of agricultural holdings, crofting and planning laws, we assist clients in deciding on the best practical and legal options for achieving their objectives, and help in resolving disputes that may arise; we act for clients in negotiations with utility companies including compulsory purchase claims and wayleave negotiations, and advise on the development of renewable energy installations; we have practical experience in the management and marketing of small hotels and self-catering accommodation.


We provide illustrated opinions and reports on many facets of rural business and enterprise, including estate reviews, land use options and intelligent reasoned analysis of subjects such as aquaculture, wind farms, farm tenancies, land reform and community ownership; we research informative and entertaining stories for use in our clients' websites and for inclusion in publications.